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Rol & Rol (Role & Role)

Rol & Rol


Documentary. “If you can see it, you can actually become what you see”. Role & Role reflects on the role played by the media, the advertising industry, and fiction, as builders of the female role models, and how those models have an impact on the way society thinks, and also on the way women – and men as well – take their decisions about their own lives and their own professions. Can a less stereotyped and more realistic representation of women have a positive influence on the feminine image as leaders, and in building a more equalitarian society?

Chus Gutierrez

Film Director and scriptwriter. Chus Gutiérrez is one of the most popular film directors in Spain. She was born in Granada in 1962. She studied cinema at the City College of New York and was a member of the all-girls musical band Xoxonees. Founding Member of the Spanish Association of Female Filmmakers and Audiovisual Professionals (CIMA). She has directed feature films and documentaries. She shot her first feature film, Sublet, in the U.S. of A. in 1991. This movie won the “Caracola de Oro” Award at the Atlantic Documentary Festival “Alcances”, in Cadiz, Spain. Back in Spain, she directed Sexo oral (1994) and Alma gitana (1995). The movie El calentito (2005) is set in the Spanish cultural movement called “La Movida madrileña”, whereas Retorno a Hansala (2008) speaks about the problems of immigration from Africa to Spain. She also worked as an actress in Take my Eyes (Te doy mis ojos), a film by Icíar Bollaín. Her movies have been present at international festivals, such as the Mostra di Venezia (Italy) and the Guadalajara and Toronto festivals.

Spanish Female Authors Panorama

November, 12th 2020. 9 pm
Sala Berlanga at Fundación SGAE 
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Section: Panorama on Spanish Authors


Year of Production: 2020

Running Time: 79’

Country: Spain

Languages: Spanish and English

Director: Chus Gutiérrez

Cast: Izza Oukhlija, Yolanda Domínguez, Icíar Bollain, Nerea Pérez, Asmâa Morine Azzouzi, Cristina Aranda, Anna Serner, Charo Izquierdo, Asmâa Benslimane, Chantal Ferrer, Ana Santos, Alessia Sonaglioni, Esther García, Lucía Gajá, Lorena

Production: Lina Badenes, Miguel Escribano, Eduardo Jiménez and Miguel González

Production Companies: Turanga Films, Revolution Films, Errecerre International Productions and Quexito Films  

Main Festivals and Awards: Special Documentary Section at the 23rd edition of the Malaga Festival in Spain, March 2020


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