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The "II RAMPA Professional Meeting" announces its 8 outstanding panelists from Film, TV, Advertising and Video Games-XR

The program of this "II RAMPA Professional Meeting on Audiovisual Industry", developed for Festival Cine por mujeres thanks to the support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport, will address the areas of work of RAMPA Platform with four thematic and free sessions with the participation of 8 outstanding hosts.

Through the successful professional experiences of Inés Segura and Juana Jiménez (Advertising), Beatriz Navas and Manuela Ocón (Film), Mercedes Rey and Isabel Cano (Video Games-XR), Concepción Cascajosa and Carmen Domínguez (Television), we will discuss the problems and peculiarities of the industry from an eminently didactic approach and in a gender perspective.

Below we detail the schedule and the trajectory of the speakers so that you do not miss any detail and you can register as soon as possible to the sessions in the links attached to each session:

1st Session. Thursday 3 March 19:30-21:00h. Free registration here
Women Advertising Professionals, with Inés Segura and Juana Jiménez

With 22 years of experience in advertising production, Inés Segura Romagosa is now Executive Producer of Primo since 4 years ago and before that she worked in important production companies such as Agosto, for 9 years, and Blur. She is also a member of APCP. Asociación de Productoras Publicitarias de España. Among the recognitions received for her campaigns are the Cannes Lions 2019 International Festival of Creativity Award.

Juana Jiménez, from Bogota and based in Madrid, is a cinematographer passionate about light, stories and shooting. Specializing in advertising film, she has been working for 10 years in Spain and South America with production companies as important as CANADA, making commercials, short films and video clips. She is also a member of the AEC. Spanish Association of Directors of Photography.

2nd Session. Thursday 10 March 19:30-21:00h. Free registration here
Professional Women in Film, with Beatriz Navas and Manuela Ocón

Beatriz Navas Valdés is the current General Director of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Throughout her career she has been curator and programmer in audiovisual departments of different institutions. She has also published numerous articles, the book Y ahora, lo importante, and is co-founder of the online platform for avant-garde and independent cinema PLAT.

Manuela Ocón Aburto is a film researcher, has 3 Goya Awards nominations to her credit and has received the "ASECAN 2021 Award for best film book". She is also a member of the board of directors of APPA. Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals and member of AAMMA and ASECAN. During her lecture she will present her new publication on "Gender inequality in managerial positions in the creation of fiction production and time management".

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3rd Session. Thursday 17 March 19:30-21:00h. Free registration here
Professional Women in Videogames-Virtual Reality/XR, with Mercedes Rey and Isi Cano

Mercedes Rey Cuadrado is director of institutional relations at the Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital U-tad, a reference university in videogames located in Madrid. Since 1992 she has been working in the videogame industry as product manager and general manager in different companies, developing videogames such as Commandos and distributing products from companies such as Eidos, Square Enix, Capcom, Activision, Take2, 2K or Codemasters. She has also worked on animation projects such as the award-winning Planet 51.

Isi Cano Pérez is a young expert and teacher in videogame development, multimedia design and robotics. UX designer and illustrator, she coordinates the Girls Make Games workshops in Spain and is a member of the representative body of FemDevs: Association of Women Video Game Developers.

4th Session. Thursday 24 March 19:30h. Free registration here
Professional Women in Television, with Concepción Cascajosa and Carmen Domínguez

Passionate about television from a gender perspective, Concepción Cascajosa Virino is the president of the Observatory of Equality of RTVE and currently Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Director of the Department of Communication at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Author of several books on audiovisual media and fiction series, she has collaborated with Serielizados, Fotogramas, El País and Fuera de Series Media and also has an extensive teaching career at the university level.

Carmen Domínguez Penelas has worked in positions of responsibility as director of programs, contents, new projects or international co-productions in media such as Antena 3, TVE, Vía Digital, BRB Internacional, Grupo Ganga and Grupo Secuoya. Between 2000 and 2006 she was Vice President of the Television Academy and is currently the CEO of Mykado Media Productions.

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