Closing Ceremony

Ingrid García Jonsson, Swedish-Spanish actress hosted the Festival Closing Ceremony on Saturday, April 7 at 8:00 pm at the Palacio de la prensa where she presented the 2018 Cine por mujeres Festival Award for Best Film.

Ingrid García Jonsson at the Closing Ceremony. Swedish-Spanish, she was nominated in the Best Female Newcomer category at the 2015 Goya Awards.


A first-class panel of judges

The 2018 Cine por mujeres Festival Award to the Best Film in competition, was decided by an international jury made up of #DebraZimmerman (USA) Women Make Movies; #MariaRubínArias (Spanish Cinema responsible at Movistar) and #TomasCimadevilla (Spain) producer and director.


2018 Cine por mujeres Festival Award

The Breadwinner
Nora Twomey, Ireland
Animation, 2017, 1h 33 min
Produced by Angelina Jolie

María Rubín Arias, on behalf of the members of the jury:
“The jury wants to acknowledge the composition of the selection of films in that there was a mixture of genres: documentary, fiction and animation. We found this to be positive because there are many ways to tell stories. We are giving the prize to a film beautifully crafted, mixing fiction and reality. A film that enables us to see the world through the eyes of a girl child. The prize goes to The Breadwinner.”


Nora Twomey was granted the Cine por mujeres Festival Award consisting of:

3. THE FREE YOUR MIND PRIZE: The award-winning film’s director has been granted a 3-week 4K-colour correction with Mistika digital software at FYM studios, for her next feature.
4. THE SUBTITULA’M PRIZE IN SUPPORT OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE AWARD-WINNING FILM. It consists of the making of a DCP in original version with Spanish subtitles.

Nora Twomey expresses her thanks for the Cine por Mujeres Festival Award.


The Closing film, Number One, was introduced by its director, Tonie Marshall (France)

“Number One” poster. Film directed by Tonie Marshall, France, Fiction, 2017, 1h 50min.


What makes the Cine por mujeres Festival a unique event?

In Madrid, several events screening films directed by women have taken place. Nevertheless, so far none of them was a proper festival. Cine por mujeres is born with an own DNA that makes it substantially different from any other event organized before. The Cine por Mujeres Festival has benefited from and featured 28 films directed by women, premieres, a competitive section, jury and awards. It has been conceived with a clear international vocation as proven both by the selection of films and by the guests present in the Festival parallel activities open to the public.