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Introducing the Parallel Sections Programme of the 5th edition

A whole varied vision of the international panorama of cinema directed by women

Less than two weeks before the start of the 5th edition of the Madrid Films by Women Festival, we advance the excellent programming at 13 venues which constitute the Parallel Sections of the 2022 festival.

The Parallel Sections Programme features 33 titles, including fiction, documentaries, animation and 2 classic short films, by directors from four continents, most of whom have won awards at festivals around the world. International film authors such as María de Medeiros, Ana Katz, Diana Cardozo will come to present their films in Madrid.

This programme would not be possible without the invaluable support of the Collaborating Venues with which it is formed. Also, thanks to the collaboration of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Spain, the Centro de Estudios Mexicanos UNAM-España and the Fundación Consejo España-EEUU, the audience will be able to meet some of our guest directors and professionals, who will dialogue and share impressions with the attendees in the presentations and debates.


View the full programme below

Silent Cinema by Women Across Continents: The United States of America, Europe, Latin America and Asia

Cine Doré. Filmoteca Española

Friday, October 28th
Sala 1. 5:00 pm. Le Matelas épileptique (The Drunken Mattress), Alice Guy- Blaché, France, Comedy, 1906, 9m and Mixed Pets, Alice Guy Blaché, France, Comedy, 1911, 14m
Premiere in Spain.
Opening conference by the series' curator, Jane Gaines, Professor of Film at Columbia University. Presentation by the co-director of the festival and María Luque, Director for Cultural Affairs of the Fundación Consejo España-EEUU.

Saturday, October 29th
Sala 1. 5:00 pm. Hara-Kiri, Marie-Louise Iribe, France, Drama, 1928, 1h 33m
Presentation by the series curator Jane Gaines.

Sunday, October 30th
Sala 2. 7:30 pm. A Santanotte (The Holy Night), Elvira Coda Notari, Italy, Drama, 1922, 1h 30m
Premiere in Spain.

Cines Verdi

Wednesday, October 26th
8:15 pm. Mustang, Deniz Gamze Ergüven, France and Turkey, Fiction, 2015, 1h 37m

Cinemateca Pedro Zerolo

Sunday, October 30th
6:00 pm. Con nombre de flor, Carina Sama, Argentina, LGTBIQ+ Documentary, 2018, 1h 2m

Tuesday, November 1st
7:00 pm., Nos corps sont vos champs de bataille (Our bodies are your battlefields), Isabelle Solas, France, LGTBIQ+ Documentary, 2021, 1h 40’.

Sunday, November 6th
6:00 pm, Cadáver exquisito, Lucía Vasallo, Argentina and Brazil, Terror LGTBIQ+, 2021, 1h 31m

Outstanding Female Creators at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza

Friday, November 4th
6:30 pm, Lost Women in Art: Chapter 1. From Impressionism to Abstraction and Chapter 2. From New Vision to the Feminist Avant-Garde, Susanne Radelhof, Germany, Documentary, 2021, 52m x 2
Premiere in Spain.
"Missing in Action" Opening Lecture, by professor Marián López Fernández-Cao

German female directors: On the fringes of society

Goethe-Institut Madrid

Wednesday, October 26th
7:00 pm, Eine flexible Frau (The Drifter), Tatjana Turanskyj, Germany, Fiction, 2010, 1h 37m

Wednesday, October 2nd
7:00 pm, Lovemobil, Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss, Germany, Documentary, 2019, 1h 43m
Premiere in Spain

Contemporary Arab Female Directors

Casa Árabe en Madrid

Friday, November 4th
7:00 pm, On the Fence, Nesrine Lotfy Elzayat, Egypt, Documentary, 2020, 1h 12m
Premiere in Spain.

Chinese and Swedish directors

Sala Plató. Cineteca Madrid

Wednesday, October 26th
8:00 pm, Havana Divas, S. Louisa Wei, China, Documentary, 2018, 1h 30m
Premiere in Spain.
Presentation by Li Jingxiang, programmer of the Baturu International Cultural Festival / China Women's Film Festival and film director.

Friday, October 28th
8:00 pm, Shallow, Emily Tang, China, Drama, 2021, 1h 36m
Premiere in Spain.

Saturday, October 29th
8:00 pm. Myth of Love/B for Busy, Shao Yihui, China, Romantic Comedy, 2021, 1h 42m
Premiere in Spain.

Sunday, October 30th
8:00 pm, Kören (The Choir), Amanda Pesikan, Sweden, Documentary, 2021, 1h 23m
Premiere in Spain.

Thursday, November 3rd
8:00 pm, Knackningar (Knocking), Frida Kempff, Sweden, Terror, 2021, 1h 18m
Premiere in Spain.

Sala Azcona. Cineteca Madrid

Sunday, October 30th
12:00 pm, Monky, Maria Blom, Sweden, Children, 2017, 1h 26m

French director: Agnès Jaoui

Institut français de Madrid Theater

Wednesday, October 26th
8:00 pm, Le goût des autres (The Taste of Others), Agnès Jaoui, France, Fiction, 2000, 1h 52m

Friday, October 28th
8:00 pm, Comme une image (Look at me), Agnès Jaoui, France, Fiction, 2003, 1h 50m

Monday, October 31st
8:00 pm, Parlez-moi de la pluie (Talk about the rain), Agnès Jaoui, France Fiction, 2008, 1h 38m

Latin American director: Ana Katz

Sala Iberia. Casa América

Wednesday, November 2nd

6:30 pm, Una novia errante (A Stray Girlfriend), Ana Katz, Argentina, Drama, 2006, 1h 25m
Institutional presentation of the series by Casa de América, with the participation of the Embassy of Argentina. Intervention of the co-director of the festival, and presentation of the projection by Ana Katz. Later colloquium with the public moderated by María Luisa Ortega.

Thursday, November 3rd
6:30 pm, Sueño Florianópolis (Florianópolis Dream), Ana Katz, Argentina, Brazil and France, Comedy drama, 2018, 1h 46m
Presentation by director Ana Katz and subsequent discussion with the public.

Friday, November 4th
7:30 pm, El juego de la silla (Musical Chairs), Ana Katz, Argentina, Comedy, 2002, 1h 33m
Presentation by director Ana Katz and subsequent discussion with the public.

Saturday, November 5th
6:30 pm, Mi amiga del parque (My friend from the park), Ana Katz, Argentina and Uruguay, Drama, 2015, 1h 26m
Presentation by director Ana Katz.

Mexican directors

Fundación Casa de México en España

Friday, October 28th and Thursday, November 3rd
7:00 pm, Manto de gemas (Robe of Gems), Natalia López, Mexico, Argentina and the United States of America, Fiction, 2022, 1h 58’
Premiere in Madrid.

Saturday, October 29th and Saturday, November 5th
7:00 pm, El camino de Sol (Sol’s Journey). Claudia Sainte-Luce, Mexico, Fiction, 2021, 1h 18m
Premiere in Spain.

Saturday, November 4th
7:00 pm. Estación catorce, Diana Cardozo, Mexico, Fiction, 2021, 90’
Presented by the director Diana Cardozo.

Outstanding Writer

Biblioteca Nacional de España

Thursday, November 3rd
6:30 pm. Maria Moliner. Tendiendo palabras (María Moliner. Holding Out Words), Vicky Calavia, Spain, Documentary, 2017, 1h 14m
Hosted by the Cultural Director of the Biblioteca Nacional de España, director Vicky Calavia and Diego Mas Trelles, co-director of the Festival

Olivia Wilde Special

Sala Equis

Thursday, October 27th, 10:00 pm / Sunday, October 30th, 5:00 pm
Booksmart. Olivia Wilde, United States, Comedy, 2019, 1h 42m

Friday, October 28, 10:00 pm / Saturday, October 29th, 8:00 pm.
Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde, United States, Thriller, 2022, 2h 2m

Special Sessions

Sala Berlanga. Fundación SGAE

Wednesday, October 26th
9:00 pm, El sostre Groc (The Yellow Ceiling), Isabel Coixet, Spain, Documentary, 2022, 1h 34m
Premiere in Madrid.
Hosted by the director Isabel Coixet and the co-director of the Festival.

Wednesday, November 2nd
9:00 pm. Aos Nossos Filhos (Our children), Maria de Medeiros, Portugal, LGTBIQ+ Fiction, 2019, 1h 47m
Premiere in Madrid.
Presentation by the director Maria de Medeiros and the co-director of the Festival.


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