RAMPA, the First Open Network for Professional Women in the Audiovisual Industry in Spain

Since March 8, 2020 – International Women’s Day – RAMPA, the Open Network of Professional Audiovisual Women (www.plataformarampa.com) is active. It is an interactive, open and free directory of information, for contact and geographic location of female audiovisual professionals and technicians who work throughout Spain, in film / television / advertising / video games.

Since then, RAMPA has not stopped growing. It was launched with the support of 41 associations, federations and groups in the audiovisual sector. Among the collaborating entities  of this project, there are 24 state-level associations, plus 3 from Andalusia, 3 from the Canary Islands, 2 from Galicia, 3 from the Valencia Community, 2 from Catalonia, 2 from the Basque Country, one from the Region of Murcia and one from the Balearic Islands. When classified by activity area, RAMPA already counts on 17 entities that cover the entire audiovisual spectrum, plus another 17 specialized in cinema, 3 in videogames, 2 in advertising, one in television and one in extended reality. Every day, new support continues to come in.

This overwhelming response from the industry shows that RAMPA is a necessary resource, a fundamental tool in order to promote the professional specialization of women and foster their inclusion in the labor market, in positions that are not feminized or exclusively limited to services.

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Our main objectives are to help and structure a highly fragmented sector, to fight against its historical discrimination – whether structural and / or diffuse – to improve women’s visibility conditions and to increase their professional offer, so that effective equality of opportunities between men and women really occurs, in a highly disaggregated professional field which, in addition, suffers from a noticeable sector fragmentation and a great geographical dispersion. This problem is clearly visible in the obvious dissemination of technical and territorial associations that have little contact with each other.

Until today, there was no open database in Spain that took into account all the female professionals and technicians involved in different areas anywhere in Spain, whether in cinema, television, advertising or video games. RAMPA was created to fill this gap by being a specific interactive directory that facilitates the search for audiovisual women. The aim is that different organizations, agencies, producers, televisions, companies, corporations or entities, as well as other industry structures around the world, can contact them and adopt positive action measures to create female employment.

In 37 categories and 285 labor subcategories, the directory allows you to find the profiles that best adapt to each audiovisual production, and to promote labor, cultural and artistic exchange among women in the audiovisual industry. In addition, this tool will favor the internationalization of women in the sector, since there is a constant increase both in the proportion of films made by foreign companies and the development of co-productions throughout the Spanish territory. Now, they will easily find female professionals & technicians in one single place.

Professional and technical women in the audiovisual sector who register as users, whether they are experienced, or young promises, can show their work by publishing their photographs, CV, contact, links to examples of previous work: clips, reels or demo reels, ratings and recommendations. In addition to promoting job creation, this professional hub will allow the collection of real and reliable data about professional women in the industry.

We need to show the multiple voices and perspectives of women so that, as creators, professionals or interpreters of reality, they are recognized by the film industry and by the public. We are tired of hearing that “there are no professional women” in this or that specific area within our sector. Thus, women who are not very well known in many cases can get greater visibility and in this sense, this is a commitment to strengthen new professional references that highlight the female talent who resides inside and outside the country.

RAMPA is an activity launched by Festival de Cine por Mujeres. It receives the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Here at RAMPA, we want to convey our appreciation to the professionals who have already registered and we encourage you to sign up on our website if you’re based in Spain, if not, you’re very welcome to meet and reach those who are already registered.