Objectives of the Film Festival "Hecho por mujeres"

1. This Festival has the purpose of becoming an annual event in the International Festival Calendar. It is aimed at all audiences. We want to make it clear that women directors make all kinds of movies: comedies, crime thrillers, war movies, terror movies, science fiction, adventure movies… In any format: fiction, documentary or animation.

2. We want to be a showcase where the best films made by women are shown.

3. Women in the cinematographic value-creating production chain (creation and training > production and screening > promotion and marketing > distribution and sales > consumption and accessibility). Following these processes we will organize round tables, workshops, talks and lectures with the aim of highlighting the role of female professionals.

4. We want to participate in today’s debate on films, and the role of women in them. Our aim is to build up a place to meet, to interact and to foster dialog between professional women with different concerns and standpoints.

5. The link hollywomen.com/festivals lists 102 films by women Festivals, none of them in Madrid. The time has come for our capital to assume a leadership position in the field of cinema and equality, to become an international reference and to give Spanish industry female creators a platform where they can promote their work.

6. To enhance the Spanish professional talent who lives both in Spain and abroad. We want female creators from all over the world to meet each other, to exchange information and develop shared projects. There is no acknowledgement without prior knowledge.

7. Visibility for equality. Since films offer visibility and suggest role models, this festival is the best way to educate and to show that women’s place in cinema is both in front and behind the scenes. We want to inspire the youngest by showing them the example of women creators. An education for equality and diversity must definitely put an end to inequality in the filmmaking industry.

8. Debating with the audience. During the Festival debates will be held to ease interaction with the audience and foster a closer contact. The large range of films thematics represents a way to consider and talk about different female perspectives aspects on reality.

9. We want to meet foreign female directors. Each edition of the Festival will host a specific country with the aim of giving an overview of its recent film production.

10. We want to become a platform to provide training and information on women’s issues in the Film Industry.